Greetings from the 23rd Senate District of the State of Texas

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Senator West

As a proponent of maintaining our communities throughout the State to ensure that all residents have the quality of life they deserve in our communities, I am encouraged when Code/Law Enforcement professionals are dedicated to improving their knowledge in their field of service.

It gives me great pride to welcome CSI:TX, Inc. to the educational arena.  Its mission of “providing, promoting and enhancing professional development through educational programs to maintain a standard of excellence in the field of enforcing codes throughout the State of Texas and surrounding regions” is definitely one that I can support with my colleagues.

I encourage municipalities across the State to support you as a partner in making Texas communities safe, clean, healthy and sustainable.

I have no doubt that you will be at the forefront of this vital and essential industry, because of your passion and determination of excellence. Your foresight on finding a need for this area only proves further of what makes "Texans" some of the finest leaders in this nation. I commend your CSI:TX's effort for making this great State of Texas even better for future generations.

- Senator Royce West

  • Zoning Ordinance Enforcement
  • Sign Regulations
  • Home Occupations
  • Housing Codes and Ordinances
  • Building Abatement
  • Nuisance Violations
  • Abandoned and Junk Vehicles
  • Sanitary Science
  • Health Ordinances
  • Basic Processes of Law related to Code Enforcement